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Safety Measures for Off Campus Students & Staff

On the North or South Campus of the University at Buffalo, always call the University Police at 716-645-2222 for all emergencies! It is best to have the number programmed into your phone.

When off campus, call 9-1-1 for an emergency response. However, if you are working, researching, or interning at a facility that has a security or public safety department it may be appropriate to call them for assistance, but know the local protocols! Some examples include:
Erie County Medical Center Public Safety, 716-898-3505
Buffalo General Security, 716-859-5442
Roswell Park Public Safety, 716-845-3069
VAMC Hospital Police, 716-862-8903
NFTA Transit Police: Subway or Airport, 716-855-6405 Airport, 630-6150

If you have a concern and wish to speak to a social service agency, Erie County Crisis Services is a great resource and can assist at: 716-834-3131

More General Safety Tips

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